How to block WiFi users & kick them off your Network

This is a perfect guide/website for anyone wondering how to block wifi users from their network or any other public network. I am actually a software developer & I had many people asking me how to kick people off your wifi network if someone is stealing. So, I decided to start this website to answer all their queries & help them out.

You can block someone from using your WiFi by tools called WiFi Killers

Nobody steals my wifiWhat is a WiFi killer?

A Wi-Fi killer is a software which allows users to terminate the Internet connection on any device that’s Connected to the same wifi network as they are.  These tools basically give you full control of a wifi network (You can see all the users connected to the network, kick them from the network & even spy on what they are doing using some tools )

What can you do with it?

  • Hack into public wifi networks, kick all other users using this network & get all the bandwidth (Note: This is illegal ! )
  • If you were someone wondering how to kick people off your wifi, this tool can help you do this. If someone is stealing your wifi, you can see them through these tools & block them.
  • You can also check all the users who are connected to your wifi network using this.

How Does It Work and block wifi users on the network?

There are many tools on different platforms like WifiKill & Netcut. But, the basic working is the same. They work on the steps mentioned below  :

  1. The tool scans for all the Users connected in the network
  2. It lists all the Users according to their MAC address
  3. You can choose which user you want to kick off the wifi network or you can kick everyone.
  4. The tool sends an ARP Reply to users you select, fooling them to think that your device is the router.
  5. All users try connecting to the network through your device because they think you are the router.
  6. The tool drops all packets sent to it by other users in the network. We could also say it then rejects all users requesting it for network access.

Best Tools or Wifi Killers ( Download these in order to kick people off your wifi network )

There are several tools but the best among them are these 2 :

  1. WifiKill (Android App) – This is a free to use android app
  2. Netcut ( Desktop – Windows ) – This is a software which runs on windows & is free to download and use.

Other Honorable mentions :

FaceNiff (Android) – This is another android app which can be used to kick other people off your wifi network . But , this also allows you to log into their sessions & do much more !

Are these tools legal ?

It depends on your use of the program , if its legal or not. The program can be used as an hacking tool & also as a tool to save your wifi from being hacked. I have mentioned both the cases when this tool can be legal & illegal.

  • Legal Use – If you use this tool to kick people stealing your wifi , then there is no problem . You can also use this for small pranks at your home or with your friends , which should not get you in any problem whatsoever.
  • Illegal Use – If you are trying to ban or block people in a public network , you might get into problems . In this case you are using the software as a hacking tool & kicking someone off a network you do not own. So , using the application in such conditions will be illegal !

Note : This is just a blog listing tools , we do not take responsibility for any of the software’s or tools mentioned here . Please use them at your own risk.