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Software Name: Arcai Netcut 2.1.4
OS Supported: Windows 10,8,7
Price: Free
Version: 2.1.4
Author: Arcai

Download Netcut for windows 10/8/7 below –






Netcut is a tool developed by arcai using which you can monitor your network at home or office. You can use this tool to find IP Address, MAC Address & the name for the devices connected to the same network as you are. You can not only monitor but do much more with this tool & end up getting full control of your network. This is truly an amazing tool which increases security & helps you manage your network.

What can you do with Netcut ?

You can use netcut to take full control of your wireless network & local area network. To be specific, some of the functions of netcut are as below –

  1. Analyse wifi network & local area network to check all the devices connected to it.
  2. Find Brand name, MAC address & IP address for devices that are connected to the same network as you.
  3. Now here comes the fun part, you can cut off any device from the network. Meaning the device will be kicked off the network & will no longer be able to use it. (NOTE : You can do this for your private networks, to do this for a public network may be illegal! )

Steps for installing this on your PC –

This is extremely easy to install and use an app. It is mostly self-explanatory. If you are new to this or have any confusion, you can refer to the steps below –

  1. Download netcut for PC – You can click on this link for downloading netcut .
  2. Install – You need to install netcut just like a normal application, You will find detailed steps while installing, there are a few other required apps for this to work. But , they should be automatically installed as you proceed.
  3. Restart – There might be some functions in the app that might not work before restart. So , it is recommended that you restart your pc.
  4. Start & Analyze – Start the tool & wait for it to analyze the network . It should display all the devices connected to the Wifi or Local area network. You will be seeing MAC , IP , Device brand & other information.
  5. Cut Off – If you see any device that should not be on the network , simply select the device and press Cut off button on the top. After this the device will not be able to access the network.
  6. Resume – If you want to resume connection to any device that has been cut off from the network you can simply do this by selecting the device and pressing the resume button with the blue icon.

Review & Conclusion

After trying wifikill, this does seem to be a little on the lower side. But, as a standalone app this has a wonderful concept backed up by great coding & developers. The simplicity of this app is one of its plus points, any amateur can use it & feel like a pro.

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