How To Block Wi-Fi Users Using cmd?

Sharing is Caring

Everyone loves to use the internet. And because of the childhood morality lesson on ‘sharing is caring’, we do not hesitate to share our Wi-Fi network with others. While sharing your toys as a child didn’t mean you any harm, sharing your Wi-Fi password doesn’t guarantee your device’s security. By sharing your password with other people you are not only slowing down your connection, but you are also allowing others to use the connection in any way they want. The worst thing about sharing your Wi-Fi connection (especially with your friends) is that you can’t even ask them to stop using the connection.

The Threat

While letting your friends or family use the Wi-Fi network doesn’t cause you any inconvenience other than slowing down your connection, letting other people get access to your network can become a great threat for you. With a little bit of technical knowledge and taking the help of some tools, anyone can get access to your PC through a Wi-Fi network. Having access to your PC means a great threat to your personal and financial privacy.

The Solution

The good news, however, is that there are methods to stop anyone from getting access to your Wi-Fi network. Stopping people from hogging your Wi-Fi doesn’t require you to have any software on your device. Like for many other purposes, command prompt can come to your rescue. You can easily block anyone from using your Wi-Fi connection using command prompt. This is a very effective means to stop people from doing high Bandwidth activities on your Wi-Fi network.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to get started:

Step1. Open cmd. You can hold WINDOWS + R key. Type cmd in the box that appears and press enter. Or, you can type cmd in the search box and press enter. This will open the Command Prompt

Step2. Type Net View into the Command Prompt window

Step3. Find the name of the target PC and type in ping followed by the target name.

Step4. Find IP

Step5. Type Shutdown – i

Step6. Open Add

Step7. Type IP in different box

Step8. Edit the settings as you desire.

Watch this video to know more:

That is pretty much it. Following these steps will stop the unwelcome user from accessing your Wi-Fi network. You can relax and make use of all the bandwidth that is at your disposal. It can be a huge relief when you are looking for higher speed to get your work done quickly or while you are watching video content that needs higher bandwidth.


While the use of Wi-Fi network has been of great convenience for all of us, it does come with a price. You may not worry about sharing your Wi-Fi network with your friends and colleagues, but it is really important to stop being generous the moment you sense something fishy. Your knowledge of command prompts can really come in handy in such cases. Following those few simple steps can indeed save you from giving unwanted access to malicious sources.

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