tuxcut for windows

Tuxcut – The Netcut Alternative

Software Name: Tuxcut 5.1

OS Supported: Linux

Price: Free

Version: 5.1


Download Tuxcut  below –

Wi-Fi is the most reliable and the most widely used network today. Many individuals and Companies use the Wi-Fi technology to transfer data. It is a very convenient tool for making the fullest use of the internet. However, like with all things, there are flaws with the Wi-Fi technology. There is always the risk of intruders attacking the network and damaging not just the network but the user’s privacy as well. There is nothing more vulnerable than an open Wi-Fi network. With the ease of access, anyone can hack into your system by using illegal means.

To tackle this issue effectively, developers have built software tools that can help people to keep online intruders off the system. These are tools that block potential threats to the Wi-Fi network by disabling their access to the network.

While a popular tool for windows user is Netcut, Linux users have Tuxcut which pretty much does the same function.

Key features:

Tuxcut comes with a hoard of amazing features. To be specific, we have listed them in the following format:

  1. It basically works as a shield for Linux computers against arpspoof attacks.
  2. It does a pretty good job at blocking unwanted users from the network. Use it to kick off unwelcome devices that are more likely to reduce your bandwidth and do you no good.
  3. It can be used to change the Mac address for your network adapter. This can help you hide your identity.
  4. It also provides your Wi-Fi network protection against Netcut attacks.
  5. It helps you monitor the number of devices connected to the network and track their IP addresses.
  6. It lets you use speed limiter to control the download and upload speed.

Steps for Installation:

  1. Download Tuxcut for Linux – Simply click on this link to start the download.
  2. Install - Installing Tuxcut requires the user to install these dependencies first - arp-scan, dsniff and arptables. Once this is done, you can go ahead and install the application.
  3. Run - Start the tool and let it analyze the network. Once it displays the devices connected to the network or LAN, you can go ahead and check the Mac address and IP addresses of the connected devices just to know if everything works fine.
  4. Cut off - When you find a device that shouldn’t be on the network, you can simply select the device and disable its access to the network.
  5. Resume - When you want to resume your connection to a previously used device you have the option to do this by simply pressing the resume button in the application.


Taking into consideration all the features of the Tuxcut app, it is actually a suitable alternative for Netcut. However, it has some limitations compared to Netcut. If you are on a Linux platform, this is the best option for you to stay protected on a Wi-Fi network. The application is supported by a team of innovative developers who always look for feedback on their work and try to bring the best service for Linux users. We hope to see better versions of this application in the near future.

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