WiFiKill App – Download Apk and Review

WiFi Kill - Android Wifi killer

WiFiKill is an android app developed by bponury, on XDA forums.

What does this app do?

This is an amazing app using which you can terminate internet or kick users from your WiFi network in just one click. You need not be the owner of the WiFi network in order to block other users using the same network, yes I know that’s amazing! But, using this on a public WiFi network is strictly illegal!

This is surely one of the top WiFi killers & you can take control of any network using this in a matter of seconds.

Features/Functions –

  • Check people who are using the same WiFi network you are connected to.
  • Check download/upload speed used by other devices.
  • Shows the names of devices connected along with their IP address.
  • Finally, the most important feature, Kick any device from the network!

Download WiFi Kill Pro App Apk

Download the latest version [2.3.2] of the app here! Find & download WiFi Kill Pro APK below  :





  • Android 4+
  • Rooted Phone
  • Connected to WiFi Network

How to Use

  1. Root your android device. Click here to learn how to root
  2. Download WiFiKill apk from above
  3. Go to settings -> Security and check the option which says allow apps from unknown sources
  4. Install the downloaded Apk on your device
  5. Open the App
  6. Press play and let the app discover other devices in your network, make sure you are connected in a network
  7. Select the device you want to kick
  8. Press Kill!
  9. Enjoy!

wifikill3 wifikill1  wifikill2

How does WifiKill work?

The Functioning of this app is pretty simple, it uses ARP requests in order to fool other devices and block their internet. The steps mentioned below explain this in detail :

  1. Scans for other devices connected in the network
  2. Shows you the devices according to their Name & Address.
  3. Sends an ARP request to all devices or the devices selected by you. This request makes them think that your device is the router.
  4. The other users/devices in the network start sending all requests or packets to your device.
  5. The App drops all packets or requests sent by the other devices, which leaves them with no connectivity to the network!

Also learn how to block wifi users using cmd.

Review & Conclusion ( 4.5 /5 )

This is a pretty amazing piece of software built by bponury over at XDA! This makes it extremely easy for you to take control of the wifi network, monitor it & manage it from your Android device. WiFiKiller.com highly recommends this software to anyone who wants to secure their wifi & stop people from stealing. The only thing that can be improved in this software is its graphical user interface, which is not really appealing.

Note: This app is in no way affiliated to us, we do not take responsibility for the development or working of this app. Please install this app after doing your own research & at your own responsibility.


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